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Books   Posted on  May. 9, 2022  by  Moses Moonjazz

Jesus Christ Unveiling His Pure Unadulterated Message Mysteries of the Kingdom of God

Eye opening exposé disclosing how Christianity has strayed so far from Jesus’ actual message that CHRIST WOULD SCARCELY RECOGNIZE THE CHURCH DOGMA, with which today’s Christians have been indoctrinated.

Books   Posted on  May. 9, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

Just in Time for the Eucharistic Revival: Becoming Eucharistic People

In Becoming Eucharistic People, theologian Timothy P. O’Malley, author of Real Presence, outlines four essential dimensions of a Eucharistic culture in a parish—one that fosters reverence and unity among the faithful, includes every dimension of human life in the mystery of Christ’s Body and Blood, and invites people back to parish life or to become Catholic for the first time.

Books   Posted on  May. 9, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

No Such Thing as Ordinary

Drawing from Jesus’s conversation with the woman at the well in the Gospel of John, Rachel Balducci—Catholic writer and cohost of CatholicTV’s The Gist—shares how a deep unrest in her life launched her on a journey to discover the secret that true joy is found in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 25, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

Open Wide My Heart: A Journal of a Prayer Life

Open Wide My Heart pulls together two years of personal reflections by Macrina Wiederkehr, a beloved spiritual author, popular retreat leader, and Benedictine sister. These brief yet poignant writings serve as guideposts as you begin or deepen your scripture study and offer gentle direction for your faith and a better understanding of daily life.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 25, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Clearing Your Mind and Resting Daily in the Lord

Do you feel exhausted, anxious, or distracted? Do you want to free your mind from mental clutter? Popular retreat leader and spiritual director Fr. Christopher Collins, SJ, says that if you turn your heart to God you will find clarity and spiritual peace. In Habits of Freedom, Collins offers you five practical tools to help you develop a habit of daily discernment that will lead to inner calm.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 25, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

One Disciple at a Time: How to Lead Others to Dynamic, Engaged, Life-Changing Faith

What if the Church radically shifted the focus of her mission to making disciples one person at a time? Everett Fritz outlines a framework for one-to-one outreach that helps us develop as mentors in faith, furthering the Kingdom of God as Jesus commanded when he told us to go and make disciples. When we learn how to focus on a ministry of one, we will multiply our efforts to create a movement that meets the spiritual needs of many.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 25, 2022  by  Ave Maria Press

Take a Catholic Pilgrimage through American History

Historian Kevin Schmiesing takes you to more than two-dozen sites and events that symbolize and embody America’s rich and sometimes tumultuous Catholic past, including the Santa Fe Trail, Gettysburg, and the Bourbon Trail. You’ll also meet both famous and infamous Catholics—including Augustus Tolton, Dr. Samuel Mudd, and Francis Cabrini—who impacted our nation’s history.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2022  by  T&T Clark - Bloomsbury Publishing

The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century – Bloomsbury – T&T Clark

The Jerome Biblical Commentary has, since 1968, been essential reading for all Catholics who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It is a landmark of Catholic biblical scholarship, the first port of call for priests, preachers, students and scholars, and all those lay people who like to keep a one-volume Biblical commentary in their home to enlighten their reading of the scriptures.

Books   Posted on  Mar. 7, 2022  by  Thomas H. Groome

What Makes Education Catholic: Spiritual Foundations

The author of What Makes Us Catholic provides an expansive view of Catholic education from the historical Jesus to the 21st century, showing how figures from August and Aquinas to Merici, Seton, and Ward have shaped its spirituality, ensuring that Catholic schools deliver the education promised to all students.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 28, 2022  by  David Belczyk Publishing

The Final Act of Creation

David Michael Belczyk merges two faith perspectives in his poetic Way of the Cross, The Final Act of Creation. By drawing together the traditional Way of the Cross with one implemented by Blessed John Paul II in 2003 that is based on Scripture, the author helps readers to enter deeply into Christ’s last hours of life.