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Books   Posted on  Jun. 14, 2021  by  Carleton Street Publications

Baptized on the Fourth of July: A Catholic Boyhood in San Francisco

Catholic San Francisco in the 1940s and 1950s, a place strikingly different from the "Baghdad by the Bay" myths about the city, comes alive in this memoir by one of the city's leading historians.

Books   Posted on  Jun. 2, 2021  by  Mattie McClane

The Magnificent Light Of Morning

Mattie McClane's book-length poem confronts the dire effects of a hyper-masculine culture, looking at domestic and institutional violence. It contrasts the fallout with the healing aspects of nature. Prompted by Lacanian psychoanalytic language theory, The Magnificent Light of Morning explores time as history, being male or the Symbolic and fluidity as being female or the Semiotic.

Books   Posted on  May. 17, 2021  by  Nelson E. Garcia - Publisher

The Genetic Universe

The Genetic Universe is a timely follow-up to three of the most important intellectual discoveries: Berkeley’s immaterialism; Darwin’s biological transmutation leading to speciation; and Mendel’s genetics.

Books   Posted on  May. 11, 2021  by  Joseph A. Buijs

Why am I still a Christian? A Philosopher’s Journey in Faith

A philosophical exploration and personal narrative on being Christian under the headings of Tradition, Reason, and Faith.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 12, 2021  by  Dr. Spencer Boudreau

We Were Brothers

We Were Brothers collects the stories of men who were members of the Salesians of Don Bosco, a religious congregation in the Roman Catholic Church. They were brought together by a noble dream begun by an Italian priest a century earlier to aid the plight of neglected youth. This common goal and their common life forged uncommonly strong bonds between them.