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Books  Harper Horizon   Posted on  Mar. 16, 2023  by  Harper Select

Wake Up With Purpose!: What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years

Known to millions as simply "Sister Jean," the Loyola Chicago matriarch and college basketball icon invites you into her remarkable memoir filled with history, wonder, and common-sense wisdom for this century and beyond. As Sister Jean wisely says, "I've seen so many changes in the last 102 years, but the important things remain the same."

Ave Maria Press  Books   Posted on  Mar. 14, 2023  by  Ave Maria Press

The Notre Dame Book of Prayer (Paperback)

The Notre Dame Book of Prayer is the collection of prayers and reflections for alumni, parents, and friends of the university. First published in 2010 and now updated with dozens of new prayers, this book shares the vibrant Catholic spiritual life of the University of Notre Dame. This bestselling book is arranged around twelve stunning, full-color photos of sacred and beloved sites on campus—including the Grotto, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph and St. Mary’s lakes, Touchdown Jesus, and Notre Dame Stadium.

Books   Posted on  Mar. 9, 2023  by  The Institute for Jesuit Sources at Boston College

The Institute for Jesuit Sources introduces a NEW PUBLICATION: Jesuit Saints and Blesseds: Spiritual Profiles.

With over 70 biographies, both devotional and informational, compiled by Jesuits from around the world, this book aims to introduce this community of holy men and to contemporary readers and to inspire them to be selfless in their own pursuit of a greater good.

Books  Relationship Resources   Posted on  Mar. 2, 2023  by  The Cana Institute

Falling in Love… Finding God – Marriage and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

OUR NEWEST BOOK IS HERE! Falling in Love... Finding God Marriage and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola by M. Bridget Brennan and Jerome L. Shen

Books   Posted on  Feb. 6, 2023  by  M. Bridget Brennan and Jerome L. Shen

Falling in Love… Finding God Marriage and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

INTEGRATING MARRIAGE WITH the Spiritual exercises, “Falling in Love… Finding God” invites readers to grow in intimacy with each other, and with God. With insights and stories of their 40+ years together, the authors lead couples to discover and experience love, intimacy, and God. Practical tools such as communication, conflict resolution, and management of time, sex, and money are offered. Ignatian Spirituality tools such as Discernment and Examen are also detailed.

Books   Posted on  Jan. 1, 2023  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P.

A Light on an Angel Wing – Sister Ave Clark, O.P and Paula Santoro

As you read, reflect, and meditate on the message of a light on an Angel wing you just might be inspired to share your light of faith in creative and loving ways and find that someone might just say to you… “you are an Angel”.

Books   Posted on  Jun. 6, 2022  by  MOSES MOONJAZZ


MOSES MOONJAZZ releases timeless classic, "Lord Blue," the exhilarating story of the power of faith, revealed through the wisdom of a sage caterpillar who has undergone the miracle of transformation.

Books   Posted on  Jun. 6, 2022  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P., Joe and Peggy Clark

Peace and Compassion: Holy Threads

This is a book of holy reflections. The authors hope that you weave your own spiritual threads that create a mosaic, a tapestry, a labyrinth...for a heart that yearns and dares to journey to a place of peace and compassion where all can be united as one.

Books   Posted on  May. 9, 2022  by  Moses Moonjazz

Jesus Christ Unveiling His Pure Unadulterated Message Mysteries of the Kingdom of God

Eye opening exposé disclosing how Christianity has strayed so far from Jesus’ actual message that CHRIST WOULD SCARCELY RECOGNIZE THE CHURCH DOGMA, with which today’s Christians have been indoctrinated.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2022  by  T&T Clark - Bloomsbury Publishing

The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century – Bloomsbury – T&T Clark

The Jerome Biblical Commentary has, since 1968, been essential reading for all Catholics who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It is a landmark of Catholic biblical scholarship, the first port of call for priests, preachers, students and scholars, and all those lay people who like to keep a one-volume Biblical commentary in their home to enlighten their reading of the scriptures.