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Books   Posted on  May. 1, 2023  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P.

God’s Song… and How We Sing It

This book shares the holy melody of God’s Song and how with our faith well lived we can become a lyric of God’s Song and nurture the roots of its’ message with our love. Each one of us can sing in our own way. God hears our humble tunes. Together, as we enter deeply into the music of the universe, we can and will make this world a more compassionate, creative and melodious place for all. What is God’s Song singing to you? How do you share God’s Song?

Books   Posted on  Jan. 1, 2023  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P.

A Light on an Angel Wing – Sister Ave Clark, O.P and Paula Santoro

As you read, reflect, and meditate on the message of a light on an Angel wing you just might be inspired to share your light of faith in creative and loving ways and find that someone might just say to you… “you are an Angel”.

Books   Posted on  Jun. 6, 2022  by  MOSES MOONJAZZ


MOSES MOONJAZZ releases timeless classic, "Lord Blue," the exhilarating story of the power of faith, revealed through the wisdom of a sage caterpillar who has undergone the miracle of transformation.

Books   Posted on  Jun. 6, 2022  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P., Joe and Peggy Clark

Peace and Compassion: Holy Threads

This is a book of holy reflections. The authors hope that you weave your own spiritual threads that create a mosaic, a tapestry, a labyrinth...for a heart that yearns and dares to journey to a place of peace and compassion where all can be united as one.

Books   Posted on  May. 9, 2022  by  Moses Moonjazz

Jesus Christ Unveiling His Pure Unadulterated Message Mysteries of the Kingdom of God

Eye opening exposé disclosing how Christianity has strayed so far from Jesus’ actual message that CHRIST WOULD SCARCELY RECOGNIZE THE CHURCH DOGMA, with which today’s Christians have been indoctrinated.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2022  by  T&T Clark - Bloomsbury Publishing

The Jerome Biblical Commentary for the Twenty-First Century – Bloomsbury – T&T Clark

The Jerome Biblical Commentary has, since 1968, been essential reading for all Catholics who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. It is a landmark of Catholic biblical scholarship, the first port of call for priests, preachers, students and scholars, and all those lay people who like to keep a one-volume Biblical commentary in their home to enlighten their reading of the scriptures.

Books   Posted on  Mar. 7, 2022  by  Thomas H. Groome

What Makes Education Catholic: Spiritual Foundations

The author of What Makes Us Catholic provides an expansive view of Catholic education from the historical Jesus to the 21st century, showing how figures from August and Aquinas to Merici, Seton, and Ward have shaped its spirituality, ensuring that Catholic schools deliver the education promised to all students.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 28, 2022  by  David Belczyk Publishing

The Final Act of Creation

David Michael Belczyk merges two faith perspectives in his poetic Way of the Cross, The Final Act of Creation. By drawing together the traditional Way of the Cross with one implemented by Blessed John Paul II in 2003 that is based on Scripture, the author helps readers to enter deeply into Christ’s last hours of life.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 14, 2022  by  The Catholic University Press

The Trinity – On the Nature and Mystery of the One God

The Trinity On the Nature and Mystery of the One God Thomistic Ressourcement Series by Thomas Joseph White The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith. What can we say about the divine nature, and what does it mean to say that God is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, three persons who are one in being? In this book, best selling author Thomas Joseph White, OP, examines the development of early Christian reflection on the Trinity, arguing that essential contributions of Patristic theology are preserved and expanded in the thought of Thomas Aquinas. Click to purchase...

Books   Posted on  Jan. 24, 2022  by  

Roses:A Healing Journey for Survivors of Abuse/Domestic Violence

This book is a gift to the people of God, especially those who need healing from abuse and domestic violence. Like a rose, survivors can bloom and arise to new life. Surviving can make you stronger, wiser and more hopeful; but most of all it can give you a compassionate heart to share with others. “I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you.” (Ezekiel 36:26)