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Books   Posted on  Mar. 3, 2021  by  John Cornwell

Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope – The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis

Read highly acclaimed author John Cornwell's riveting account of the hopeful—and contentious—efforts undertaken by Pope Francis to rebuild the Catholic Church.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 17, 2021  by  Jason M. Baxter

An Introduction to Christian Mysticism: Recovering the Wildness of Spiritual Life

This brief, accessibly written volume introduces key figures, texts, and themes of the mystical tradition and shows how and why the mystics can speak to the church today.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 8, 2021  by  Fr. Charles J. Cummings

Love, Laughter & Living Saints

EASY LENTEN READING - This book is a breath of fresh air. With the scandals in the Church and the negative press, it is refreshing to have 70 real-life positive stories, easy to read and lots to discuss. Fr. Cummings memories of 1950’s Catholic school and 1960’s seminary days and parish happenings of a priest for 52 years.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 2, 2021  by  Learning to Pray - Fr. Jim Martin

Learning To Pray

Whether you are new to prayer, or you’ve been praying for decades, you can discover new intimacy in your relationship with God in Learning to Pray. From the beloved spiritual teacher and bestselling author, Father James Martin, this guide is available now wherever you buy books or audiobooks.

Books   Posted on  Jan. 11, 2021  by  Orbis Books

O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? A Meditation on Suffering

Stories and meditations on everything from 9-11, juvenile incarceration, the Iraq war, the struggles of the mentally-challenged, the "Dark Night of the Soul," and a modern-day saint named Merry Sunshine, all in service of the eternal question: Why does a loving God allow us to suffer?