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Books   Posted on  Apr. 7, 2021  by  Andrew J. Schatkin

“The Parables of Jesus”, “Essays on the Christian Worldview”, and “Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics and Philosophy”

Here are three books by Andrew Schatkin of interest to Christians and all faiths: 1. The Parables of Jesus, 2. Essays on the Christian Worldview, 3. Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics, and Philosophy. All are available on;; and Rowman Littlefield.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2021  by  Author Glen Adams

Predemption – A Novel

Heading out west to spread their father’s ashes, two siblings find themselves navigating a country that’s broken along political, ideological, and religious lines by the pandemic. Is an enigmatic stranger they meet the Savior their mission needs to succeed?

Books   Posted on  Mar. 8, 2021  by  Spencer Boudreau, PhD

Dogmatic Truths: What Dogs Teach Us About Life

The human relationship with dogs is older and more unique than that of humans with any other animal. This book is an exploration of this relationship from the personal perspective of the author, with the added insight of others who lovingly testify to the many ways dogs have enriched their lives.

Books   Posted on  Mar. 3, 2021  by  John Cornwell

Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope – The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis

Read highly acclaimed author John Cornwell's riveting account of the hopeful—and contentious—efforts undertaken by Pope Francis to rebuild the Catholic Church.

Books   Posted on  Feb. 17, 2021  by  Jason M. Baxter

An Introduction to Christian Mysticism: Recovering the Wildness of Spiritual Life

This brief, accessibly written volume introduces key figures, texts, and themes of the mystical tradition and shows how and why the mystics can speak to the church today.