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Books   Posted on  Apr. 7, 2021  by  Andrew J. Schatkin

“The Parables of Jesus”, “Essays on the Christian Worldview”, and “Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics and Philosophy”

Here are three books by Andrew Schatkin of interest to Christians and all faiths: 1. The Parables of Jesus, 2. Essays on the Christian Worldview, 3. Essays on Faith, Culture, Politics, and Philosophy. All are available on;; and Rowman Littlefield.

Books   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2021  by  Author Glen Adams

Predemption – A Novel

Heading out west to spread their father’s ashes, two siblings find themselves navigating a country that’s broken along political, ideological, and religious lines by the pandemic. Is an enigmatic stranger they meet the Savior their mission needs to succeed?

Jobs   Posted on  Apr. 6, 2021  by  Brown-RISD Catholic Community

Campus Minister, Brown University

We are currently seeking a full-time Campus Minister to serve the Brown University & RISD campuses. This individual will work in collaboration with the Catholic Chaplain for the overall coordination and facilitation of campus ministry efforts on the campus.

Education  Jobs   Posted on  Apr. 5, 2021  by  University of Idaho

Vice Provost for Digital Learning Initiatives

This is an exciting new position charged with developing and implementing a distinctive strategy for digital learning at the University of Idaho. We seek a talented and dynamic individual to lead the effort to develop and coordinate the building of a strong, robust, and efficient remote learning infrastructure to provide faculty and students simple and centralized access to University of Idaho’s online education offerings. This position would be responsible for coordinating existing online education programs, developing additional programing in key markets, and partnering in emerging statewide digital online learning collaborations. The funding for this position has been established through a new Public-Private Partnership.

Jobs   Posted on  Mar. 29, 2021  by  RENEW International, Plainfield, New Jersey

RENEW International President and Executive Director

RENEW International, a Catholic nonprofit organization with a 40-year history, committed to fostering spiritual renewal in parishes and in individuals, is seeking its next President and Executive Director. The right candidate is a strong faith leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and a track record of success as an executive.