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Jobs   Posted on  May. 14, 2021  by  College of the Holy Cross

Asst Chaplain/Latinx Outreach and Liturgical Ministry

Coordinate chaplains' outreach to Latinx students. Serve as a member of the liturgy team assisting with planning, preparation, and student liturgical minister formation. General chaplaincy duties including pastoral care and spiritual direction.

Books   Posted on  May. 11, 2021  by  Fr. Charles J. Cummings

Love, Laughter & Living Saints

EASY SUMMER FAMILY READING - This book is a breath of fresh air. With the scandals in the Church and the negative press, it is refreshing to have 70 real-life positive stories, easy to read and lots to discuss. Fr. Cummings memories of 1950’s Catholic school and 1960’s seminary days and parish happenings of a parish priest for 52 years.

Books   Posted on  May. 11, 2021  by  Joseph A. Buijs

Why am I still a Christian? A Philosopher’s Journey in Faith

A philosophical exploration and personal narrative on being Christian under the headings of Tradition, Reason, and Faith.

Spiritual Resources   Posted on  May. 6, 2021  by  Sacred Heart Church of Omaha

Sacred Heart Parish of Omaha- Director of Discipleship

Guides the growth of the parish to move further toward personal relationships with Jesus and each other. Facilitate our missionary movement outward.

Jobs   Posted on  May. 3, 2021  by  The Catholic Community of St. Thomas More

Director of Adult Faith Development and Catechumenate

The Catholic Community of St. Thomas More, a vibrant parish in Chapel Hill NC, seeks a full-time Director of Adult Faith Development and Catechumenate (DAFDC).