Eye opening exposé disclosing how Christianity has strayed so far from Jesus’ actual message that CHRIST WOULD  SCARCELY RECOGNIZE THE CHURCH DOGMA, with which today’s Christians have been indoctrinated.

Leading us back to the essence of Jesus’ teachings, we enter the kingdom of God and meet directly with God the Father.  The mysteries of creation and death are revealed.  We discover the wonder of the Holy Trinity and become one with the Holy Spirit.

Unmasking the hypocrisy which runs rampant throughout Christian Churches, Moses quotes the Scriptures precisely to leave no doubt that the Old Testament is not the inspired word of God.  It is written by mistake-prone men who depict a jealous and wrathful God, reflecting their own despicable character traits.  Rather than man being created in God’s image, THE GOD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT IS CREATED IN MAN’S IMAGE.

This work is not an attempt to undermine our belief in Jesus Christ.  To the contrary, its sole objective is to restore our faith by returning to the sanctity of Jesus’ original message.  When the Roman Emperor Constantine demanded absolute control over which teachings would be approved in the Christian Church, he summoned all bishops to the Council in Nicaea to draft the Creed which forever changed the course of Christianity.  Nearly everyone at the Council was a Roman bishop.

Knowing that allowing the Roman Empire to take over Christianity was a betrayal of everything that Jesus stood for, those who refused to sign onto the Nicene Creed were banished from the Church and their protests silenced.  The bishops who did sign on were richly rewarded by Constantine.  Emboldened by the wealth and power gained by imbedding itself with the Roman Empire, the Church became the epitome of autocratic rule.

Unveiling the purity of Jesus’ message requires that we must focus on the actual words of Jesus Christ. Too many false preachers use the Old Testament to instill fear in a judgmental and vengeful God. Jesus tells us, however, about a merciful and loving God.  Making it clear that He has come to preach the Kingdom of God, Christ gives us the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, stating that the kingdom is within you and revealing our translucent oneness with the Father.

As we embrace the Mystery of Creation, we discern that God gave Himself completely and unconditionally in the action of creation so that there can never be any separation between the being of you and the being of God.  The glory of creation flows from the unrestrained surrender of indivisible communion and the Wonder of the Holy Trinity.  The force of being flowing through the Father and the Son can only be one and the same. It is indeed the Holy Spirit which flows through every embodiment of life, the essence of all that we are.

Within the Kingdom, we uncover the Mystery of Death and its role in washing away the illusion of a separate me.  In the instant of our Sacred Surrender, we cease clinging to the image of a separate me and become One with the Holy Spirit.

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