This heartwarming fantasy drama by MOSES MOONJAZZ takes the reader into a colony of caterpillars in the village of Muir, which is under the dictatorial control of a ruthless Queen.

Muir was once a leading center of spiritual awareness and the religion of the Mystics, who believe in Our Father the Butterfly reigning from the mountaintop. Mystics revere Lord Blue as one of their own, a charismatic caterpillar who made the treacherous journey to the mountaintop in order to find the Butterfly.

Upon returning to Muir, Blue bore witness that Our Father the Butterfly did indeed exist and taught the caterpillars about the wonders of creation and infinity. The entire colony was abuzz with Blue’s magnificent teachings. Fueled by her jealousy over the tremendous following Blue was developing, the Queen condemned Blue to death by public beating in the village square. Mystics believe, though, that Blue rose from the dead, transforming himself into a glorious butterfly, who ascended to the mountaintop to be with the Father.

Although still practiced by a few of the elders, most Muir caterpillars have long since abandoned the beliefs of the Mystics and have lost their faith in the very existence of the Butterfly.  A young caterpillar named Jim, however, refuses to give up his belief in the Butterfly. As Jim spreads the Mystics’ teachings throughout the village, the caterpillars are captivated by their fiery new leader, who preaches the revelation in the Book of Truth that Butterfly Blue will soon return to Muir. The Queen fears that her control over the village is evaporating and decrees that Jim shall be forever banished from the colony.

Jim pledges to the remaining Mystics that upon being cast out of the village, he will embark on a pilgrimage to the mountaintop to find Lord Blue and bring him back to Muir so that all of the caterpillars can believe in the miracle of the Butterfly once more.

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