Our world today seems to be spiraling out of control. Fears of a renewed cold war, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, fake news and disinformation, along with an impending environmental apocalypse, all combine to push us toward a sense of hopelessness and ennui.

But even though it is hidden far below the surface, mankind’s past is actually slowly evolving for the better. And now we find ourselves at perhaps a crucial point in our history where we have a powerful concoction made up of brilliant innovators, powerful spiritual reconcilers, and the necessary technological tools that could accelerate that path dramatically forward. All that is needed is the right catalyst to ignite this formula into an unstoppable chain reaction of peace and democratic prosperity.

This is a story of how a simple indigenous man of the earth—called by the simple peaceful spirituality of his people—sparks a worldwide movement that leads to a much better planet. Combining a cast of many of today’s real-life people of vision, in conjunction with the use of today’s amazing technological advancements, our hero leads an epic struggle to overcome—not only the world’s dark forces—but the dark forces of unworthy self-doubt within himself.

We trust that you will find this simple hope-filled fantasy not really so fanciful after all, but actually quite plausible—and perhaps even inspirational and motivational.

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