We are a Cistercian (Trappist) Monastic Community, part of a 900-year-old tradition. The roots of our Order reach still further back to the Rule of St. Benedict, written 1,500 years ago.

A tradition strong enough to transcend time and place is important to us, yet we view it from our own time and place and adapt it to our present lives.

St. Benedict's Monastery occupies a spectacular valley high in the Colorado Rockies. Our community of about 15 members is fairly small, and like all monasteries we have our own personality.

Monasteries are like that—each one is unique.

Our Mission Statement

"Through daily life in our Cistercian community, we aspire to be transformed in mind and heart by embodying Christ Jesus in ways appropriate to our times." 

St. Benedict's Monastery - 1012 Monastery Rd. - Snowmass, Colorado 81654


Contact information:


[email protected]


970 279-4400


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