Welcome to Loyola School, New York City’s premier co-educational Jesuit independent school.

  Our school, at the corner of 83rd & Park, is a place where learning is still a loving, transformative process; where individual talents are used both to grow in personal worth and to serve others; where being your authentic self feels welcomed, not counter-cultural. It is amazing to think that the first Jesuit school was founded in 1548 and today, almost 500 years later, there are close to 4000 Jesuit educational institutions around the globe, educating just over 2.5 million students…the strongest network of private education in the world.  It is truly remarkable that our wonderfully talented and dedicated faculty are able to shape our students through the Jesuit educational paradigm with an independent school faculty to student ratio of 8 to 1.  There is no other school that does the same. If you ask any Loyola student what they love most about Loyola, they will answer "the community" without hesitation. We are passionate about the tight-knit community we have built here as the only independent, coeducational, Jesuit school in New York City. Loyola School combines the distinctly spiritual, head-heart-hands approach of Jesuit education with the experience of an independent school to form courageous leaders of change who are more loving, committed to justice, open to growth, globally competent and academically excellent upon graduation. Loyola strides into its second century, educating young people of conscience, competence, and compassion launching our new five year student-centered strategic vision, Inspiring Excellence, to advance our recognition as a preeminent college preparatory learning community focused on developing well-rounded, Ignatian leaders committed to the service of others through excellence in teaching and learning. This vision acknowledges our rich history and forges us ahead to embrace the great opportunities a hope-filled future will hold. Virtually roam our historical halls and see how we have interpreted the advanced needs of the modern learner through our contemporary spaces. If you would like to have your student and family become a part of the Loyola community, we welcome you to become acquainted with our admissions process.


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