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Education   Posted on  Apr. 22, 2021  by  Contemplative Leaders in Action

Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA): Now Accepting Applications!

CLA is an Ignatian spirituality and leadership program for people in their 20's and 30's. We are now accepting applications for new cohorts in 11 locations. Learn more and apply today!

Education  Jobs   Posted on  Apr. 5, 2021  by  University of Idaho

Vice Provost for Digital Learning Initiatives

This is an exciting new position charged with developing and implementing a distinctive strategy for digital learning at the University of Idaho. We seek a talented and dynamic individual to lead the effort to develop and coordinate the building of a strong, robust, and efficient remote learning infrastructure to provide faculty and students simple and centralized access to University of Idaho’s online education offerings. This position would be responsible for coordinating existing online education programs, developing additional programing in key markets, and partnering in emerging statewide digital online learning collaborations. The funding for this position has been established through a new Public-Private Partnership.

Education   Posted on  Feb. 2, 2021  by  Candler School of Theology at Emory University

Earn a Master’s with a Focus on Catholic Studies

Candler School of Theology at Emory University offers a master's degree with a focus on Catholic Studies to prepare leaders for lay ecclesial ministry, nonprofit leadership, or scholarship in Catholic contexts.

Education   Posted on  Jan. 11, 2021  by  St. Joseph's Preparatory School

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, rooted in Catholic and Jesuit teachings, believes every student is blessed and gifted. The Prep encourages its students to discover, through serious and prayerful reflection, a sense of their self worth and a responsibility to share their gifts working with, and for, their fellow humans.

Education   Posted on  Jan. 8, 2021  by  Scranton Preparatory School

Scranton Preparatory School

As a Catholic and Jesuit college preparatory school, Scranton Prep’s mission is to help families form young people who are well prepared for college and who will live lives that give greater glory to God.