A liberal arts education includes an academic understanding of human religious experience.  The Jesuit tradition of inter-religious engagement comes to life in the John Carroll TRS classroom and in wider campus life. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses designed to develop an engaged adult understanding of faith — their own and those of others.

Why Study TRS?

Think religion is passé or theology is only for ministers and religious school teachers? Think again! Coursework in theology and religious studies provides a solid foundation for work in any field that involves cross-cultural communication, empathetic client relationships, critical thinking, ethical decision-making, careful writing, group collaboration, or social action. It makes great preparation for graduate programs in law, journalism, medicine, political science, sociology, and many other fields. A major in TRS integrates well with any other humanities or social science major; a minor complements any JCU major. Students who plan ahead can earn the TRS minor with only one course beyond the University’s Core requirements. So, why not TRS?

When you study the world’s religions, you will make an impact in more than just the classroom, the church, the mosque, the synagogue, or the temple. As a student in the TRS program, you’ll gain the tools to understand and effectively respond to the religious forces that shape contemporary businesses, interpersonal relationships, our society, and the world.

John Carroll University (founded in 1886 and located outside of Cleveland, OH) is known for academic excellence in the Jesuit tradition, for its beautiful campus, and for preparing students in four years to successfully serve their communities and to provide leadership to their organizations.


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