In his personal letters, Pedro Arrupe frequently refers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Arrupe understood the “heart” as the “center”, the “source” (Ur-Wort), the primal word, full of significance. Thus, in 1972 he decided to modify the existing formula for consecrating the Society to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which had been in effect since the time of Father General Beckx (1872). In Him Alone is Our Hope gathers the principal texts of Fr. Arrupe on the Heart of Christ. These writings become something of a collection of love letters, letters of a love that is unique but not exclusive, a love that is total and at the same time concrete, a love that is quotidian and defining, which led Arrupe to give his entire life to Jesus Christ without reservations.

This new edition of In Him Alone is Our Hope includes an introduction by Arrupe biographer, Pedro Miguel Lamet, where he shares how the Heart of Jesus is the spiritual life of Father Arrupe. In addition, this book includes a foreword by Karl Rahner, where he states, "Fr. Arrupe sets the devotion to the Sacred Heart in the general context of the theology of love and in this one love he sees the inseparability of the love of God and the love of the neighbour."


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