Students majoring in Religious Studies at Fairfield University are devoted to the study of religion as a human phenomenon. They explore the philosophy and reasoning behind religion and the beliefs of cultures across the globe. The study is wide-ranging, and includes all actions of religious experience, belief and practice through a multitude of perspectives.

Our committed faculty stands at the heart of the department. They are teachers, theologians, scripture specialists and scholars of the world’s religions, who craft their courses to understand the answers found in its traditions.

The program offers a wide variety of perspectives and courses concerning world religion. Classes range from contemporary theology to the examination of the rise of “New Age” religions. Collectively, students receive a comprehensive education that is both broad and deep. They are challenged in the classroom through conversations and research projects; learn the history of religion and how it has shaped values and politics; and gain an understanding of the impact of different symbols, texts, gestures, and claims.

Throughout the program, students gain an informed perspective of the world’s religions, and you will be able to apply it to fields such as education, law, business, and social services.

Founded in 1942, Fairfield University, a Jesuit, coeducational institution of higher learning whose primary objectives are to develop the creative intellectual potential of its students and to foster in them ethical and religious values and a sense of social responsibility. Jesuit education, which began in 1547, is committed today to the service of faith, of which the promotion of justice is an absolute requirement.


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