The Loyola School is a Jesuit preschool and elementary school of excellence located in Baltimore, MD.  The school is scholarship-based and offers academic learning, spiritual formation and personal care for students aged two to the fourth grade.  All students come from Baltimore families of limited financial means.

Mission Statement

The Loyola School, founded in the Catholic tradition of academic learning, personal care, and spiritual growth, is the first Jesuit scholarship-based, year-round school in the country for boys and girls, ages two to fourth grade.

Within a caring and supportive environment, a dedicated faculty honors the uniqueness of each child and family, while nurturing the promise of all children by providing the time and tools for them to be active, engaged, and reflective students.

Students grow as learners and leaders, developing both the academic competence and confidence to contribute to their classroom, their school and, ultimately, the greater Baltimore community and beyond.

General Job Description:

The president is hired by the Board of Trustees and provides leadership to ensure the school’s mission is carried out at every level of the school’s programming.

The President…

  • Ensures that the Catholic, Jesuit character of the school is developed and promoted among students, faculty, staff, parents and trustees.
  • Articulates the mission and vision as the public face of The Loyola School to parents, faculty, staff, students and the wider community.
  • Builds a coalition of support for the mission of The Loyola School among individuals, parishes, religious organizations, service agencies, foundations and corporations.
  • Serves as primary contact for all school matters relating to the USA East Province of the Jesuits.


School Administration and Relationship with the Board of Trustees

The President…

  • Is the chief administrator of the school and is responsible for the direct supervision of advancement, financial management, facilities and properties.
  • Is responsible for the well-being and operation of the educational program of the school, by delegation to the Principal.
  • Is responsible for the hiring and dismissal of members of the administration and staff.
  • On recommendation from the Principal, approves the hiring and dismissal of all members of the faculty.
  • Approves the dismissal of students.
  • Ensures that there are professional systems of evaluation and development for faculty, administration and staff.
  • Serves as ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees and all board committees.
  • Informs the Board about the state of the school and presents to the Board periodic evaluations of the school’s progress in achieving its mission.
  • In collaboration with the Board, develops and updates long-range plans for the school.
  • Oversees all financial planning for the school and presents the annual operations budget to the Board of Trustees for approval and monitors its implementation.
  • Approves capital expenditures and projects.

Fund Raising and Public Relations 

The President...

  • In partnership with the Board and the Director of Development, participates actively in fundraising activities.
  • Seeks to enlist the interest of and support from foundations, individual benefactors, and the public at large.
  • Attends appropriate meetings and functions related to institutional advancement and public relations.
  • Serves as the chief spokesperson for the The Loyola School and helps to project a positive image of the school to the public through an active public relations program.
  • Represents The Loyola School to the public, especially at important events in the lives of students, parents, and benefactors.

Duties and Qualifications

Realizing the Jesuit Way of Proceeding for the Loyola School

The President…

  • Must support the values and virtues of our Jesuit educational tradition.
  • Has genuine interest in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, especially for students from families that struggle economically.
  • Has experience leading all aspects of an elementary level education institution including curriculum planning, staff acquisition and evaluation, financial management and parent/guardian relations.
  • Demonstrates experience effectively interacting with external entities including city and state governmental agencies, granting foundations and other entities engaged in the promotion and support of educational institutions in Baltimore city.

Candidates with broad institutional leadership of all kinds are encouraged to apply. TLS seeks a strategic thinker and competent leader with the ability to inspire all stakeholders to advance the school’s mission and vison for its students’ success.


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