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Books   Posted on  Dec. 1, 2022  by  Morgan Zo Callahan

Revelation and Healing: A Father and Son Reunion

Revelation and Healing: A Father and Son Reunion recounts the author’s slow journey from an adoption that left him longing for his biological parents and wondering if he had any Black blood. Welcome to this reading journey and its wondrous surprises.

Education  Jobs   Posted on  Dec. 1, 2022  by  The NativityMiguel Coalition

Member schools of the NativityMiguel Coalition are hiring!

The NativityMiguel Coalition (NMC) is an alliance of fifty nonpublic pre-k through 8th-grade schools in the U.S. and Canada that work together to bring equality to all students through education. Investing in the fundamental belief that every student deserves the opportunity to become their best authentic self, the NMC provides its members with the support and structure needed to deliver a holistic education that values empathy, equality, and connection.

Gifts   Posted on  Dec. 1, 2022  by  Inspire Designs

Inspire Designs

Art engaging the spirit grew from a longstanding commitment among the Ursuline Sisters to enhance the spiritual dimension of life through the arts. The two Sister-artists whose work is featured here are both steeped in that tradition. In their studios, classrooms and places of prayer and worship, their work has inspired countless people over the years.

Retreats  Travel   Posted on  Nov. 29, 2022  by  Ireland Retreats

Ireland Retreats

The story we tell shapes the world we live in. The story of Ireland, north and south, is full of light and shadow, mystery and earthiness, sacred and profane collaborating to create a land of charm, beauty and inspiration. We invite you to take time out to experience the landscape, art, people and story that has captivated so many.

Books   Posted on  Nov. 28, 2022  by  Sister Ave Clark, O.P.

A Light on an Angel Wing – Sister Ave Clark, O.P and Paula Santoro

As you read, reflect, and meditate on the message of a light on an Angel wing you just might be inspired to share your light of faith in creative and loving ways and find that someone might just say to you… “you are an Angel”.

Posted on  Nov. 25, 2022  by  St. John Henry Newman Association of America

CALL FOR PAPERS – St. John Henry Newman Association of America

Education  Jobs   Posted on  Nov. 21, 2022  by  The Education Group

Superintendent of Schools – Catholic Diocese of Dallas

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas seeks an inspirational leader as Superintendent of Catholic Schools who is passionate about ensuring an excellent Catholic education for those in his/her care--students, families, and the educators who dedicate their lives.

Books   Posted on  Nov. 21, 2022  by  Fr. Charles J. Cummings

Love, Laughter & Living Saints

CATHOLIC DIOCESAN NEWSPAPER – “Most priests ordained 50+ years have enough material to write a book. Unlike most priests Fr. Cummings has written 2 books.” One reviewer writes, “His short stories are funny; heart-warming, sometimes sad, always endearing and inspiring.”

Jobs   Posted on  Nov. 18, 2022  by  St. Sebastian Catholic Congregation - Milwaukee, W

Director of Liturgy & Music

If engaging and inspiring others in the love of Jesus through music and attentiveness to the liturgy is your calling, then welcome home to St. Sebastian Catholic Parish as our new Director of Liturgy & Music.

Jobs   Posted on  Nov. 17, 2022  by  St Bronislava Catholic Church

Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Saint Bronislava Catholic Parish, located in central Wisconsin, is seeking a full-time Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries to work in a collaborative ministerial setting as we seek to accompany students and young adults in their faith journey.

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