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The US Review of Books


…“Garcia-Gonzalez’s work forays into numerous aspects of our existence to probe into the constraints of the human experience. What is reality? What incites the disparity between one individual’s observation of reality and another’s? As the author dives deeper into his immense understanding of what is, he provides a series of intriguing, thought-provoking insights that cut right to the core of one’s belief system, yet he does so with grace and knowledge that impels readers to at least consider what is being proposed.”

“…the ease with which he demonstrates, in the early stages, the denial of independent existence and stakes a claim to the nonexistence of space/time that sets up compelling and constructive conversations on consciousness, perception, awareness, etc.”

…“Garcia-Gonzalez does a commendable job of taking complex topics like absolute realization, actuality, emanation, and existential facticity and helping the reader digest them through relatable examples such as cake cutting, hallucinations, and dreaming. Taking his analysis to another level, his discourse on images and color blends science and philosophy so seamlessly that proponents of either will not feel out of place or that their dogma and thought processes are being overlooked.”


__The US Review of Books, Mihir Shah Reviewer

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Midwest Book Review


“To call The Genetic Universe ‘wide-ranging’ would be to both accurately describe it and do it a disservice. While intellectual readers interested in such complex blends will find García-González’s language and scholarship appropriately challenging and intriguing, the examples and illustrations of metaphysics’ relationship to everyday living and dilemmas of the human condition lends it an appeal to lay audiences seeking mind-expanding connections and unusual discourses.”

“Libraries willing to take a chance on a book that defies pat categorization or discipline assignment will find the very challenges posed by these approaches in The Genetic Universe also represent the book’s strength.

This makes it a top interdisciplinary recommendation for readers who would think beyond the usual linear presentations of social, philosophical, scientific and psychological examination to delve into the nature and applications of consciousness itself.”

“This reviewer’s degree lies in psychology. Other readers may hold pedigrees in intellectual philosophical discourse, genetics, or metaphysical subjects. Regardless of the background and approach of the audience, only one real prerequisite is needed for appreciating the divergent courses and connections García-González makes here: an interest in the intersecting puzzle pieces of human awareness and understanding.

Putting these pieces together is no simple task. That’s why The Genetic Universe is especially recommended for book reading groups interested in a study that, admittedly, is a slow read; if only for its complex associations and integrative discipline approach. Indeed, there are so many subjects, applications, and facets to this discussion that it’s hard to synthesize all these connections in a succinct review.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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