“How Hypernationalism Distorts Our Catholic Faith”

Many of us realize that Faith is relevant to our activism; I certainly think it is. Some of the people to whom I am writing I met through Catholic activist organizations, while many others were with inter-faith organizations, and some of you were members of so-called “secular” activism organizations (although I’m not sure there are any). All of these progressive groups, religious or secular, address a whole myriad of issues such as ecology, non-violence, militarism, drones, peace and justice, gun control, voters’ rights, homelessness, and many others. But I think you’ll find my book relevant to whatever issue or issues you’ve espoused so far for the reason given below.

I think you’ll find my book goes “straight to the heart of the matter.” That is because I have come to believe that, in spite of the dozens of issues that concern us, and in spite of the intricacy of each issue, the underlying problem that distorts our world view and our Faith either as Catholics or any people of Faith and of Principle is the problem of Nationalism. Please know that I have worked hard to make that argument in my book.

I felt called to frame my argument in the context of Catholic worship only because I cannot speak for any other congregation, but I know that the argument in the book is relevant for all of us.  Whether you are being invited to read the book as a Catholic or any other person of Faith and of Principle, every progressive person knows that we will continue in our work on the many vital issues confronting us all.

After reading the book, comments will be more than welcome.

John Jerpe

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