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After more than 30 years of adult theological formation, we have reconfigured our programs in a new, blended format. We have combined the traditional learning community of students and faculty in personal, face-to-face interaction, with the dramatic changes in accessibility through online delivery. The programs are unique in the sequence of learning formats informed by best practices in classroom and online pedagogy. Our goal is to offer programs that are accessible to all students seeking master’s degrees in theology.

Spring Hill College’s graduate programs in theology and ministry are designed for adult students seeking a part-time graduate program that allows them to continue in their professional or family commitments and still pursue a deeper and more contemporary understanding of Christian faith. Our programs aim to be challenging and rigorous, but not narrowly academic. Our theology is deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition, but also seeks to offer an expansive, ecumenical vision that enters into dialogue with the many “frontiers” and challenges of the 21st century.

Blended Format

Spring Hill College has reconfigured its Graduate Theology program in a blended format based on these principles:

1. Provide academically and pedagogically sound instruction

All online courses are created and taught by doctorally qualified faculty of Spring Hill College.  After years of experience in online education, experts in online pedagogy have determined that online learning works best with what is called a “flipped classroom.”  In a “flipped classroom” the intellectual content of the course is effectively disseminated online before meeting for face-to-face discussions. “Homework,” previously assigned to students to do outside of class, is now the primary activity for the classroom.  Engaged processing of the intellectual content is now done in a learning community.

Rationale: Instead of passively listening to lectures at gatherings, socially constructed knowledge maximizes the learning process.

2. Build a strong community of inquiry, nurtured by personal interactions of students and faculty

In order to build a sophisticated learning community, the program, while primarily online, includes strategically timed, intensive, on-site, classroom experiences, with one (1) in classroom experience for each Level 1 course (at least three in all) and three (3) Graduate Seminar, weekend, on-site experiences.  All of the courses will use the latest online technology to enhance the human “face-to-face” experience of learning

3. Reach all students seeking master’s degrees in theology in the Southeast region

In order to reach as many students in the southeast as possible, the program offers the classroom experiences as well as fully online options.

Blended Format:

  • Level 1 Courses (Hybrid)
  • Theological Methods Course
  • Level 2 Courses (Fully Online)
  • Graduate Seminars (Classroom Residency Experience)


Program Details:

  • Fall, Spring & Summer Terms
  • $345 per credit hour
  • 6 Full-Time Faculty
  • Admission to the program available at beginning of each term


Credits Required:

  • 33 for MTS, MPS and CTS
  • 48 for MA
  • 18 for CSD, CIS


Contact information:


[email protected]


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