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This job description is open to revision by the president/editor in chief, based on the needs of the organization.

Major responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Executing Procedures: Execute the directives and procedures outlined in the handbook for the Assistant to President and Editor in Chief.
  • Providing Calendar Management: Maintain, review and update rapidly changing calendar of the president/editor in chief, including meetings, appointments, personal engagements and events; would also include meeting with president/editor in chief daily to discuss calendar requests and keeping the president/editor in chief on schedule;  Coordinating Support for Meetings and Events: Assist the president/editor in chief in any presentation preparation as needed. Organize meeting rooms across multiple locations, ensure needed materials are on location, confirm all details for set-up (catering, a/v., reservations, transportation), publish meeting agenda, ensure and confirm that all details of events or meetings hosted or attended by the president/editor in chief are in order; event support for other departments as directed by the president/editor in chief.
  • Providing Correspondence Management: Manage the incoming and outgoing postal and digital correspondence of the president/editor in chief. Organize and prioritize the mail of the president/editor in chief, bringing important matters to his attention in a timely manner.
  • Type and otherwise prepare correspondence for signature; Providing Telephone Coverage: Screen calls, take messages, escalate and distribute messages in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Act as the onsite contact when president/editor in chief is away in coordinating any work needed while he travels; Assisting with Executive Task Management: Assist the president/editor in chief in keeping track of ongoing projects, to do lists, meeting preparation and follow-up; take notes and minutes at meetings as directed;
    Providing File and Document Management: Manage the files of the president/editor in chief; track important documents or other information for the president/editor in chief as directed by the president/editor in chief; provide this information promptly as needed by the president/editor in chief.
  • Coordinating Complex Travel Arrangements: Arrange air, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and meals for travel of the president/editor in chief and other departments as directed by the president/editor in chief.
  • Managing Expense Filings: Prepare president/editor in chief’s expense reports; file and provide expense documentation as needed; submit to president/editor in chief for review/signature; submit to business office for payment.
  • Coordinating with Board of Directors: Work closely with the members of the Board of Directors to coordinate meetings of both the general board and the Committees of the board, facilitate communication between the president/editor in chief and board members, record and maintain minutes and documents related to meetings of the Board of Directors, and providing regular updates for the president/editor in chief to distribute to the board members so as to keep them informed as to the regular operations of America Media.
  • Coordinating with Senior Staff: Work closely with senior management to arrange any meetings and/or projects with the president/editor in chief.
    Responsibilities with the Advancement team: Coordinating internal and external events, the America Journey’s program, travel arrangements, graphic design, network outreach/promotion event planning details and on-site event coordination
  • Management of programmatic elements related to the Hunt Prize, the O’Hare Fellowship, and any and all grant-related programs across all departments within America Media; formulate and prepare the creation of grant proposals and reports, and contribute creative development to marketing materials; manage certain aspects of relationships with major donors as defined as necessary by the Vice President of Advancement in facilitating the Office of the President
  • Conduct research on individuals and foundations to aid in cultivation and solicitation; and assist with communications, branding and media relations efforts as needed.
  • Providing Ad Hoc Services: Execute any other tasks as directed by the president/editor in chief.Required skills, qualities and background:Meticulous attention to detail is essential.

The ideal candidate will also be highly organized, responsible, reliable and able to work independently and as part of a team.

The ideal candidate will be flexible about work tasks assigned and must be willing to do what is needed and to pitch in as required in a small office setting.

The ideal candidate will have a positive, collaborative outlook toward work and will be able to get along well in a small office working closely with others.

The candidate must be able to operate with discretion and confidentiality.

The ideal candidate will have 1-3 years in an administrative role providing support to senior management and will also have some formal training in administrative support.

Must have basic typing skills and be proficient in English grammar and composition.

Excellent computer skills are required, as well as fluency in social media, both Mac and Pc operating systems, MS Office suite, Internet.

Some familiarity with the basic organizational structure of the Catholic Church is a plus.

How to apply:
Submit a cover letter & resume to [email protected]

Contact information:


[email protected]


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