The Saint Louis University Department of Theological Studies is a community of scholars inspiring students to examine religious and ethical commitments, to practice a faith that does justice, and to face the world with discernment and empathy.

Rooted in the Catholic, Jesuit intellectual tradition, the department is committed to interdisciplinary research, collaborative programming, and innovative pedagogies that reflect the best research on student learning. The department houses experts in religion across the globe, with a special focus on Catholic and other Christian traditions. Our faculty are trained in a range of disciplinary methods, emphasizing philological, historical, literary, ethnographic, philosophical, and digital approaches. We examine theology and religion in all its diversity and wrestle with today’s living issues in dialogue with our complex histories.

Together we aim to transform lives — our own, our students’, and those we encounter within and beyond the university.

The Graduate Experience in Theology

Saint Louis University’s graduate programs in theological studies train students to excel as educators, scholars, intellectuals, pastors, and leaders. Our faculty serve as mentors and develop graduate students in a program that balances shared knowledge of a field and the individual projects and career aspirations of its students. Our students acquire advanced research skills and disciplinary breadth through topical seminars and area-specific courses. Alongside SLU’s cutting edge graduate curricula, the programs enable students to develop strong bonds with one another and with mentors, which sets a foundation for future work in a variety of institutions both within and outside the academy.


Required Undergraduate Courses in Theology

Most undergraduate students at Saint Louis University are required to take theology.

The first course, THEO 1000: Theological Foundations, introduces students to the God of revelation within the Judeo-Christian tradition. They examine faith and its implications for living a human life, respecting creation and pursuing beauty and truth. This is done within an ecumenical and global context, examining other world religions and various social realities.

Subsequent courses focus more on specific aspects of Christian or other religious traditions and address the important social and moral issues of our day.

Beginning in Fall 2022, all incoming SLU undergraduates—regardless of major, program, college or school—will complete the University Core curriculum.


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