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The Catholic Church is facing a growing need for effective lay ministers in various positions of service and leadership within parishes and other vital ministries. CTU seeks to strengthen our current ability to provide meaningful career counseling services for our graduating students and alumni.  We are calling this initiative, Ministry Placement.


The enhancement of CTU’s Ministry Placement services will benefit our students, CTU and the greater Catholic Church. Matching our lay students with post-graduate ministry opportunities would enable them to utilize their CTU academic experience in a well-suited career placement. 


CTU would like to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that would have an equally positive impact on our students, CTU and the Catholic Church.


CTU seeks to engage a qualified consultant to dedicate time to research, develop and begin the implementation of a Ministry Placement plan. The proposed plan would be grounded in an in-depth study to uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and trends in lay Ministry Placement at CTU and in the landscape beyond CTU.

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