The Camaldolese monks seek to realize union with God and continual prayer; to be a healthy and generative community living in charity, justice and mutual obedience, and to be a place of hospitality for spiritual seekers. We do so by living the precepts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the way of life laid out by St Benedict of Nursia and further interpreted by our founder Saint Romuald.

Do you feel you have reached some maturity in your spiritual journey and still want to follow the voice of God?

Contact us now to learn more about the Camaldolese Benedictine monks, so as to explore and deepen your spiritual vocation.

The Characteristic of the Camaldolese tradition is the threefold good of community, solitude and mission.

Only one hour 45 minutes north of San Luis Obispo or south of Monterey on the beautiful, winding and scenic Highway 1, at an elevation of 1,300 feet you will find New Camaldoli Hermitage.





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