GREAT GIFT IDEA – for relatives or friends who grew up in the 40’s or 50’s, it’s a walk down memory lane. Fr. C. looks back at his 1950’s Catholic School and 1960’s seminary days and happenings of a parish priest for 50+ years. Stories of love, laughter and living saints he met along the way. These books are a breath of fresh air with all the scandals in the Catholic Church and the negative press, it is refreshing to have real-life positive stories, easy to read and lots to discuss.

EDITOR: – Fr. Cummings is clearly a storyteller at heart, and that definitely shows in this book. From vignettes of his childhood to seminary stories and tales of the joys and challenges of life as a priest, these stories clearly depict the author’s care for his family and his parishioners, and his servant’s heart.

BEST REVIEW EVER: A 12 year old boy stopped me after Sunday Mass and said, “Father I loved your book, especially the part where you hit the golf ball backwards.” Then he asked, “Did you really play little league baseball?” “Yes I did” I told him. Even the kids can enjoy the stories. : fr charles j cummings


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