Five Star Review: I read about this book in The Catholic Light and thought it would be something I might enjoy. I ordered it on my kindle so I could read it right away. I couldn't put it down! It was at times funny, inspiring, heartwarming...sometimes sad...always endearing.  

Five Star Review: Love Laughter and Living Saints: Our parish book club picked this book as one of our reading selections. I liked this book a lot! Some of the stories had me laughing out loud, others were food-for-thought, & yet others brought me to tears. I found this book to be a breath of fresh air. With all of the scandals in the Church & all of the negative press, it was so refreshing to read about a faithful, caring pastor & his real-life, positive stories. For me, it brought back a lot of mostly fond memories of going to Catholic school in the sixties.

Editor – - Rev. Charles J. Cummings is clearly a storyteller at heart. From vignettes of his childhood to seminary stories and tales of the joys and challenges of life as a parish priest, this short book comprises 70 stories in addition to Father Cummings’ own vocation story, which serves as the introduction to the book. These stories clearly depict the author’s care for his family and his parishioners, and his servant’s heart.



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