The Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the University at Southern California is a global hub dedicated to fostering Catholic thought, imagination and experience.

As an independent Catholic research institute located on the campus of a leading secular university, IACS supports free academic inquiry and works to respectfully engage diverse viewpoints in the search for wisdom and truth.

This search is complemented by work from scholars, artists and theologians that enriches the imagination and feeds the soul. We believe a greater good and richer truth emerge from reconciling different convictions, experiences and knowledge.

IACS develops the intellectual Catholic tradition and promotes understanding between academic disciplines through new projects and initiatives, including Guadalupe — At the Break of Dawn, a groundbreaking collaboration with Loyola Marymount University and Generations in Dialogue, an innovative program that brings together widely-recognized senior Catholic scholars with junior scholars for discussions, personal reflections, shared prayer and presentations.

Our mission is to ensure that the long, rich and evolving tradition of Catholic thought will thrive among future generations.

Join us on our journey.

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