Inspire Designs – Art engaging the spirit grew from a longstanding commitment among the Ursuline Sisters to enhance the spiritual dimension of life through the arts. The two Sister-artists whose work is featured here are both steeped in that tradition. In their studios, classrooms and places of prayer and worship, their work has inspired countless people over the years.

Sisters Donna Kristoff and Rosaria Perna were trained in classical fine arts; however they have now both adapted to the electronic world in which we all find ourselves. Their work sometimes began as traditional drawing, painting, photography and printmaking, but it has now been translated into digital images that can be shared with many others online.

The online store Inspire Designs makes it possible for anyone who recognizes a spiritual quality in their images to purchase the works of art in the form of prints, cards, or posters, in a variety of sizes and formats. It is the artists’ hope that what they have created may lift and sustain the spirits of those who contemplate them.


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