Grief, Loss, and the Creative Arts

A program for professional development and ministerial practice

Program begins February 20, 2024 | Cost $200

Apply by December 12, 2023

The creative arts can offer grievers a safe outlet for managing their grief that is both readily accessible and easily saved. A favorite song, photo, movie or story can provide comfort and healing. Adding Scripture and the virtue of hope can move grievers from sorrow and loss to new hope filled chapters for their lives. These sessions are designed to offer insights on hosting a bereavement program that uses the arts to explore grief and loss. Throughout the sessions we will review fifteen truths about grief. Over the four sessions we will explore the use of stories, poetry, music, television and movie clips, art, movement, and timely written media as vehicles for healing. In addition to the clips, quotes, visuals and music presented, participants will be invited to share their own favorite clips, quotes, visuals and music with the group if they are comfortable doing so. Each session will reserve time for discussion and reflection. We will also review suggested hands-on activities that might be useful with a bereavement group.


  1. Exploring Our Stories
  2. Look, Listen, and Maybe Dance
  3. Holding On and Letting Go
  4. Sharing Memories

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