The Disaster Services Corporation, also known as DSC, is a non-profit and Catholic lay organization that prevents families from falling into situational poverty due to disasters. It is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of the National Council of the United States, Society of St Vincent de Paul.


House in a Box™ is one of the most well-known programs operated by DSC. House in a Box™ provides new furnishings to disaster survivors who are forced into situational poverty. The House in a Box™ gives dignity to families in crisis as it provides them with a new and fresh start. All families receive the same new items which are packaged for efficiency of delivery. The program is scalable to the size of the family and starts at $3,200 for a family of four. One package includes: beds, linens, dishes, pots and pans, dressers, silverware, bathroom setup, dinette, and a couch.


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(202) 380-9664


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