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Grotto Network launched in 2017 with a mission to assist the Church in walking with young adults as they navigate lifemake an impact, and keep the faith. Utilizing a multi-tiered search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategic approach, Grotto works to expand the Church’s reach along the digital highways. Grotto publishes articles, video, graphics and social posts to its digital platforms every day addressing pressing issues for young adults, focusing not only on religious concerns but also on community activism, financial challenges, and work-life balance, among others. Grotto is embarking on a bold initiative to work in Catholic dioceses and directly with parish and campus leaders to provide strategic advice on reaching young Catholic adults online and encouraging them to a deeper life of faith with the Church.

Position Description

The Director of Grotto Network leads a bold and innovative movement to invite young Catholic adults into deeper participation in the life of the Church. The Director is the strategic and operational leader of a team of 11 creative professionals focused on assisting the Church in evangelizing through digital engagement. Under the leadership of the Director, Grotto will expand its partnerships with dioceses, parishes, campus ministries, and Catholic organizations across the country; and will continue to innovate and produce excellent and inspiring content that re-proposes Christian faith and hope to today’s young adult generation.

Call for Nominations

Nominate a visionary and talented leader for Grotto Network at [email protected].

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To learn more about this position or to apply, visit jobs.nd.edu.
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