The principal will work closely with the Pastor of St. Mary Magdalene Church (located in Apex, North Carolina), the School Advisory Committee, the Parent-School Organization, and the Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Schools’ office to develop a vision for a 21st Century Catholic School. The new principal will continue to build on a 20-year tradition of high academic excellence, accelerated instructional programs, and outstanding sports and fine arts programs while continually promoting the “We Pray We Learn We Care” school mission.

The responsibilities of the Principal include but are not limited to:

Catholic Identity

·         Foster a learning environment that ensures the continuing presence of Catholic values

·         Develop an academic program that addresses total Catholic development of the students

·         Assume role as spiritual leader of the school

·         Provide leadership in developing policies to strengthen the school/center as a Catholic faith community

·         Provide a minimum of one day per school year for staff spiritual growth activity

Effective Leadership

·         Develop professional and personal goals/objectives for the academic year which will enhance the academic effectiveness of the school and the growth of the principal/director (Appendix)

·         Retain membership in the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA)

·         Attend all principal meetings scheduled by the Superintendent

·         Attend all diocesan school staff development programs

·         Conduct monthly faculty meetings in order to provide site based staff development to establish, maintain and monitor all required rules and regulations essential for an efficient and effective school/center program and necessary for the safety and health of students

·         Plan and monitor all academic and personnel schedules

·         Counsel and advise all members of the faculty in the development of performance objectives for effective teaching programs and techniques in compliance with the Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Schools Office License Renewal Plan (Appendix/Licensure Renewal)

·         Provide appropriate support and guidance to the initially licensed teacher (ILT) as outlined in the Diocesan North Carolina Beginning Teacher Support Program (Appendix/Initial Licensure)

·         Annually evaluate the overall performance and academic credentials of instructional and non-instructional staff

·         Collaborate with non-instructional staff in the development of annual professional growth plans

·         Annually evaluate the overall performance of non-instructional staff

·         Implement the policies outlined in the Diocesan Administrator Handbook

·         Interview, screen, hire, evaluate and terminate the services of school/center personnel in consultation with the pastor and submit an annual report to the school/center advisory committee

·         Provide orientation for all staff new to the school

·         Evaluate all aspects of the school/center program based on accreditation guidelines

·         Develop annual goals and strategies based on the annual school improvement plan as identified by AdvancED or Diocesan Early Childhood Standards

·         Establish regular communication with the pastor regarding the school/center personnel, programs, issues, and finances

·         Prior to the suspension or termination of employees consult with the Superintendent and the Diocesan Director of Human Resources

·         Designate an on-site person to assume responsibility in the absence of the principal/director

·         Complete all forms requested from the National Catholic Education Association and the Catholic Schools Office

·         Prepare/update Faculty Handbook (Appendix)

·         Maintain personnel files as outlined in the Personnel Section of this Handbook

·         Collaborate with the pastor and maintenance personnel in overseeing maintenance of the school/center facility and recreational areas

·         Develop an annual school/center budget with the assistance of School Advisory Committee members qualified in finance, for submission to the parish Finance Council and/or pastor; diocesan high schools submit the budget to the Board of Trustees for approval

·         Authorize all school expenses following approval of annual budget

·         Provide a monthly budget report to the pastor and Parish Finance Council

·         Implement and maintain school/center revenue and expenses within the approved operating budget

·         Assist parent(s) in the application for federal or state education monies as applicable

·         Communicate information regularly to parents and provide appropriate forum to encourage communication and feedback

·         Involve parents in the activities of the school/center and/or parish and participate in school sponsored activities

·         In collaboration with the faculty develop a school discipline plan that aligns with the philosophy and mission of the school

Academic Quality

·         Initiate action to ensure the attainment and maintenance of religious and academic standards consistent with accreditation and Diocesan guidelines

·         Provide staff development, in collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, for all faculty and staff, that promotes professional growth, as well as knowledge of teaching methods, strategies and resources

·         Articulate and monitor implementation of the Diocese of Raleigh Catholic Schools Curriculum Guide and/or Pre-K Curriculum

·         Select administrative staff and curriculum coordinators as explained in Instruction Section of this Handbook

·         Coordinate the process for requisition of curriculum materials

·         Facilitate and monitor AdvancED or Early Childhood Center accreditation process

·         Facilitate and monitor requested testing programs

·         Design class schedules and instructional programs

·         Coordinate remedial and enrichment programs

·         Coordinate federally funded programs

·         Maintain student records/transcripts as described in the Student Section of this Handbook



·         Practicing Catholic with a strong commitment and working knowledge of the Catholic faith

·         Master’s Degree with graduate work in curriculum, instruction, supervisor or another related field

·         Five years of experience as a teacher or administrator

·         Currently hold or be able to obtain/ hold a valid NC administrators license

·         A strong communicator and manager who listens and communicates effectively and consistently

·         Comprehensive working knowledge of school finance and budgeting

·         Ability to oversee facilities management in order to maintain a safe and attractive learning environment

·         High level of interpersonal, collaborative, organization and administrative skills with the ability to implement policies, directives and initiatives


We invite all interested candidates to please submit the follow to [email protected] by December 5th.

·         Cover Letter, addressing the following items:

o   Why do you find yourself being called to Catholic leadership?

o   Offer three specific skills that you possess that qualify you for a leadership role in a Catholic school.

o   Describe how you would implement an exciting new program or idea as principal of StMM.

·         Resume

Contact information:


[email protected]

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