Williams College is excited to be seeking a Catholic Chaplain, who will guide religious practice and learning for students, faculty, and staff; preside over or arrange for the regular sacramental/liturgical life of our robust and diverse Catholic community; provide pastoral care; community building and instruction around faith and spirituality experiences. The Catholic Chaplain will be an ordained priest or deacon, a sister or brother in a religious order, or a qualified lay minister of the Catholic tradition. For full details and to apply, please visit https://staff-careers.williams.edu/

Our chaplains are involved in inter-religious, multicultural, and interfaith activities and are often asked to address issues of inclusion and belonging. We seek a Catholic Chaplain committed to helping students flourish within the Catholic faith tradition while living and learning on a secular campus. A successful chaplain will work well with all students, regardless of faith tradition or no faith tradition. The Catholic Chaplain will work as part of a team to create space for people who value diverse expressions and practices, and will nurture connections across communities.



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