The Director of Grotto Network leads a bold and innovative movement to invite young Catholic adults into deeper participation in the life of the Church. The Director is the strategic and operational leader of a team of 11 creative professionals at the University of Notre Dame who are focused on assisting the Church in evangelizing through digital engagement. Under the leadership of the Director, Grotto will expand its partnerships with dioceses, campus ministries, and Catholic organizations across the country; and continue to innovate and produce excellent and inspiring content that re-proposes Christian faith and hope to today’s young adult generation.

See the full job posting and apply at jobs.nd.edu. For more information, inquire with Notre Dame’s Office of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs.


Grotto Network aims to become the premiere digital media network for Catholic young adults. We offer new content daily to help young adults navigate life, make an impact, and keep the faith — we share stories and insights about living life boldly.

Grotto Network targets a broad audience of Catholic young adults aged 18–34 in the United States and around the world. Though created by the University of Notre Dame, Grotto is not Notre Dame-branded, and aims to reach an audience that extends well beyond the Notre Dame family. The University intends Grotto to be a gift for the Church.

Grotto’s mission is to reverse the decline of religious affiliation in the United States — especially in the millennial and Gen-Z cohorts — by innovating ways to use new media to engage and accompany these cultural Catholics. Grotto is embarking on a bold initiative to work with Catholic dioceses, campus ministries, and other pastoral leaders to reach young Catholic adults online and encourage them to a deeper life of faith with the Church.

We are going about this digital outreach by taking seriously the lives of young adults who are not actively committed to faith. There are many Catholic media platforms speaking to audiences of committed disciples, but few are reaching out to those who are lost or seeking. Our stories and insights are aimed at building trust and inspiring curiosity so that the disaffiliated can see the Church as a resource, as a community that shares their concerns and hopes. This is the work of pre-evangelization — laying the groundwork for further faith engagement by meeting people on a human level and inspiring them to seek for more in life. (Learn more about our strategy on our partner resource page.)

Goals of Grotto Network:

  • Create high-quality digital content that attracts a community of seekers.
  • Discover and exemplify best practices in pre-evangelization through digital accompaniment.
  • Partner with campus, parish, and diocesan ministries to widen their digital networks.
  • Strategize with those ministries to translate their digital engagement to in-person participation in their communities of faith.

One thing that distinguishes Grotto in the landscape of Catholic media is the quality of our stories, especially in video — the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Chicago/Midwest Chapter has recognized Grotto’s mini-documentaries with six Emmy Awards. Our writing and design are earning praise as well — Grotto won Catholic Media Association national honors last year, including first place for best social media campaign and second place for best online content.

Grotto Network at a glance:

  • Nearly 3 million unique visitors have viewed content on our website.
  • 20,000+ users follow us across all of our social media channels.
  • Grotto’s weekly newsletter has 4,750+ subscribers and a 40% open rate.
  • Grotto works with a diverse pool of more than 100 freelancers from around the world to create videos, written stories, photos, and illustrations.


Nominate a visionary and talented leader for Grotto Network by writing to [email protected]. View the full job posting for this role at jobs.nd.edu.


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