A Church of and For the Poor – An Online Course

Fee: $30 | Aug. 2 – Aug. 22, 2023

“The poor you will always have with you” (Matt 26:11)
Jesus’s words are as true as ever with today’s volatile economies and extreme financial inequality.

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In pursuit of a 21st Century Christian discipleship, join a guided conversation focused on the many faces of poverty.  Explore the biblical and theological roots of the Church’s continuing commitment to the poor, evaluate several proposals about ways to respond to poverty, and converse with others about what it means to be a Church of and for the poor.


  • Week 1: Course Introduction
  • Week 2: The Many Faces of Poverty
  • Week 3: How We Respond in the Face of Poverty

Image: Lazarus and the Rich Man by Nigel Lawrence, used with permission.


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